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1st Degree Brown Belt

Katas:    Long #5 (The Transition Set)
               #1 Spear (Skylight Spear)
               Little Tiger

Self Defense Techniques:

 1.  Legions of Ming 16.  The Thistle
 2.  Fish Hook 17.  Passing Wind (ABC)
 3.  The Sickle 18.  Reversing Wind
 4.  The Dagger (AB) 19.  Twisting Staves (AB)
 5.  Mantis 20.  Guiding the Staff
 6.  Whirling Mantis 21.  Cyclone
 7.  Sticks of Satin (AB) 22.  Double Spear (ABCD)
 8.  Diving Hawk 23.  Crossing Swords
 9.  Advancing Hammers 24.  Whirling Thorn
10.  Sweeping Arm Hook 25.  The Wedge (ABC)
11.  Snapping Twig 26.  Slashing Cougar
12.  Breaking the Yoke 27.  Twisting Knee (ABC)
13.  Prayer of Death 28.  Double Asp (ABCD)
14.  Raising the Shield 29.  Oriental Lever (ABC)
15.  Circling the Pagoda (ABC) 30.  Parting the Reeds 



The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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