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2nd Degree Brown Belt

Katas:    Tiger and Crane
#2 Staff (Skylight Spear)                        

Self Defense Techniques:

 1.  Hidden Fist (AB) 16.  Crane Kick
 2.  Rocker 17.  Sweeping Serpent
 3.  Circling the Sun (ABCD) 18.  Covering the Flame (AB)
 4.  Leveling the Clouds 19.  Cobra and the Mongoose
 5.  Plucking a Bird from the Sky 20.  Chinese Junk
 6.  Sleeves of China 21.  Dance of the Mongoose
 7.  Monkey Elbow (AB) 22.  Offer of Dust
 8.  Striking Asp (ABCDE) 23.  Ming's Sword
 9.  Shooting Star 24.  Chinese Fan
10.  Pushing the Circle (ABC) 25.  Locking the Gate
11.  Circles of Glass 26.  Water Fall
12.  Japanese Hands 27.  Prance of the Tiger
13.  Waterwheel (AB) 28.  The Rake
14.  Tumbling Clouds (ABC) 29.  3 Tongues of the Dragon
15.  Rising Kick 30.  Blocking the Sun



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