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Photos from Al Tracy's Seminar in Dallas, TX, September 13, 2003

A great seminar that turned into an impromptu "Meeting of Masters."  Present in support of Grandmaster Al Tracy and to welcome Shihan Nick Chamberlain and his studio into our brotherhood were:

Kyoshi Roger Greene, 9th dan
Master Guy Crump, 7th dan
Master Jim Stewart, 5th dan
Master John Fite, 5th dan
Master Gilbert Villereal, 5th dan
Dave Hopper, 4th dan
Ricardo Castillo, 4th dan
Michael Megahan, 2nd dan
Brandon Daniels, 1st dan

Also present was Mr. Jeff Nelson.  I do not know his current dan ranking. 

Dave Hopper, Grandmaster Tracy Brandon Daniels, Grandmaster Tracy Dave Hopper, Kyoshi Roger Greene
Kyoshi Greene and Grandmaster Tracy Erik and Michael Megahan, GM Tracy Keith Buck, GM Tracy

Shihan Chamberlain was recognized for his efforts in continuing the traditions begun by his teacher, Professor Nick Cerio, and promoted to hachidan at this seminar.  After the main seminar, several of the masters made themselves available and generously shared their knowledge with those who wished to learn.  It was a great experience.  I was proud to have had several of my students attend the seminar.



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