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Mr. Daniel Green
Certified Instructor
Shodan - 1st degree black belt

Daniel Green started his martial arts journey as a teenager studying Shotokan karate-do under Billy Golden in Shreveport, LA.  In 1992, he graduated with a Nursing Degree from NSU, and began working in Orthopedics as a Surgical First Assistant.  Having played football in high school, Mr. Green continued to strength train throughout the years.

In 1992, Mr. Green studied some Tae Kwon Do, competing in several tournaments in the early 90's.

In 2000, Mr. Green began his study of Kenpo at Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport.  From the very beginning, he was one of the more diligent students, showing up at pretty much any class available.  What impressed everyone about him from the very beginning of his training was that he came to each class hoping to take just one improvement home, and he would often stay afterwards honing something that he had learned.  His size and especially his strength are difficult for most of his training partners to overcome, and his kicks are deceptive in both their speed and range.

What impressed me that may not have been so apparent to some of my other students was that Daniel was and is a deep philosophical thinker as well as a strategic thinker.  He and I have spent many hours sitting around before and after class talking about the morals and ethics of our kenpo techniques, the whys and whens of their application, as well as the many different philosophies that people bring to training.

But, what most do not know is that Mr. Green mentally prepares himself before every class, and shows up with a goal, and this includes sparring class.  He is one of the only students that I have ever had that I could sit and watch and pick out just exactly what new skill he was trying to add to his arsenal.  Where most bring a freestyle attitude to sparring and go with the flow, Daniel does both.  He can always adapt to whatever type of training is being presented at the moment without neglecting his personal goals.

Mr. Green earned his Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt on February 11, 2005, certificate number B-11082-1030.  He earned his Instructor Certification on January 1, 2006.

On August 27, 2005, Mr. Green was in attendance at Tracy's of Shreveport's 2nd seminar with Kyoshi Roger GreeneIf you ask Daniel what one thing has changed and motivated his martial arts journey since earning his black belt, he will tell you that one day with Kyoshi Greene and his theories of Dynamic Punching.

He has earned the respect of those that he has trained under, his peers, and those that have trained under him. 

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