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Tracy's Kenpo Mission Statement


To help preserve and pass on over 800 years of history, traditions, legacy and the true lineage of Kenpo.  Our heritage has  been preserved and passed

down by the senior members of the "Yudanshakai" to each new generation of "disciples".  The future of Kenpo is tied to our past.  Kenpo's senior leaders

with their years of knowledge and experience form the bridge between the old and what appears to be new.  Ours is a heritage of "Bushido"; the "warrior

spirit" - that has been preserved for over 800 years.  For over 22 generations Kenpo was the closely guarded Martial Art System of one family.  That

system is now our heritage.  Itís not what you take or gain from the art of Kenpo that will endure, itís what you give back.  Itís who you teach and what you

teach that will form your legacy.


The family of Kenpo is no longer of just "one blood", but it is still one family.  We all come from a common heritage.  Kenpo's heritage has always been

that of a true Martial Art System (Military Art) - (War Art!)


Kenpo will never be united under one name - one leader - one set of standards but we will remain united as one family by a common "Warrior Spirit!" 

This is an intangible that must be passed down from generation to generation! It has nothing to do with a belt rank or physical fighting ability. It has to do

with "spirit", "attitude" and what you have given back to the system!


Where there is no "spiritĒ or if just one generation has lost it; there is nothing to pass on.  Call it anything you like but it is not Kenpo. Motion becomes only

motion, words become only words.


Old Zen saying; the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon!


May the family of Kenpo based styles remain united through the "Yudanshakai" and held together by the true "Fighting Spirit" that has always been the

sign of the "Warrior!"

Grandmaster Al Tracy


The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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