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(2nd Degree Black Belt)

Katas:    Long #7 (The Continuing Set)
               Tai Chi (Yang Style Short Form)
               Butterfly Wings
               Finger Set
               Moving Finger Set
               Earth and Sky

Self Defense Techniques:

 1.  Broom Sweeps (ABCDEFG) 16.  Slapping Silk
 2.  Climbing the Stairs (AABBCD)not a misprint! 17.  Twisting Rope
 3.  Falcon (AB) 18.  Wrapping the Gift
 4.  The Hawk (AB) 19.  Double Knot
 5.  Springing Rooster (AB) 20.  Hangman
 6.  Flying Dragon (AB) 21.  The Leopard's Tail
 7.  Scissors (AB) 22.  Following Fist (AB)
 8.  Crouching Tiger 23.  Hands of Air (AB)
 9.  Falling Rock (AB) 24.  Whirlwind (ABC)
10.  Springing Limb  25.  Disappearing Hand (AB)
11.  Falling Monkey 26.  Chinese Hook (AB)
12.  Slashing Dragon 27.  Betraying Stick
13.  Tibetan Knee (AB) 28.  Stick of Death
14.  Tibetan Roll 29.  Catching the Cobra
15.  Tail of the Dragon (ABC) 30.  Spinning Fire (AB)



The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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