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(4th Degree Black Belt)

Katas:    Wong Family Shaolin Hand Set
                Iron Butterfly
                Circular Spear

Self Defense Techniques:

 1.  Moment of Truth 16.  Broken Wing
 2.  Sound of Thunder 17.  Hurricane (AB)
 3.  Path of the Leopard 18.  Chinese Phoenix
 4.  Crane Wings 19.  Spear of Vengeance
 5.  Wings of the Hawk 20.  Arc of Steel
 6.  Swords of China 21.  Shield of Iron
 7.  Coiled Hands 22.  Kung Fu Shield
 8.  Stalking Tiger 23.  The Steel Circle
 9.  Double Mace 24.  Knife of Vengeance
10.  The Wheel 25.  Dying Wind
11.  The Panther Strikes 26.  Stick of Truth
12.  The Iron Palm 27.  Morning Thunder
13.  Floating Hands 28.  Three Tongues of Fire (AB)
14.  Twin Cobras 29.  Steel Enemy
15.  Japanese Cross 30.  Riding the Staff



The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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