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(3rd Degree Black Belt)

Katas:     8 Point Spear
                Basic Butterfly
                Tam Tui (Springing Thigh Set)

Self Defense Techniques:

 1.  Sweeping Tiger 16.  Circle of Steel
 2.  Hooking Eagle 17.  The Attacking Dragon (ABC)
 3.  Catching the Dragon's Tail 18.  Stinging Butterfly
 4.  Hands to Heaven 19.  Winds from the East (AB)
 5.  Driving Fist 20.  Winds of Destruction (ABC)
 6.  Chinese Lock 21.  Slash of Steel
 7.  Attack of the Hawk 22.  Uncoiling Viper
 8.  Leopard's Fist 23.  Leaping Monkey
 9.  Chinese Corkscrew 24.  Circle of Fire
10.  Twisting Cobra 25.  Ming's Hammer
11.  Monkey Fist 26.  Dragon's Whip
12.  Short Wind 27.  White Tiger (AB)
13.  Hands of Death 28.  Winding fists
14.  Twisting Leopard 29.  Path of Destruction
15.  Blocking the Dragon 30.  Tail of the Cobra



The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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